Boeing RC-135

Pentagon protests Russian interception of US spy plane

A Russian jet has intercepted a US reconnaissance plane in More »


CIA Director: No Waterboarding, Even if Ordered

U.S. CIA Director John Brennan says his agency would not More »


Russia’s military intelligence chief killed in secret operation in Lebanon

The Head of Russia’s military intelligence service, Colonel-General Igor Sergun, More »

German spy chiefs on Snowden: Leaks were Russian op to drive ‘wedge’ between US & Europe


Edward Snowden’s leaks on the BND targeting European bodies and individuals at NSA’s request could be part of Moscow’s elaborate efforts to “drive a wedge” between the United States and Europe, German intelligence chiefs have claimed. NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden could have been acting under “Russian influence,” the heads of Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and

America’s Intelligence Transparency Council to meet for the first time … behind closed doors


A new council designed to bring greater openness and transparency to the US intelligence services will soon meet for the first time. Behind closed doors. The Intelligence Transparency Council was formally established by director of national intelligence (DNI) James Clapper last week when he signed its charter [PDF]. It will remain in place for five

Is the U.S Intelligence Chief Serious About Fixing Overclassification? Time Will Tell


EFF has long been critical of overbroad government secrecy, which has been used to cover up everything from illegal activities to questionable legal justifications for mass surveillance. Given that government officials default to withholding important details from the public regarding national security, we were pleasantly surprised to read a memo that Director of National Intelligence

The top secret military technology found in covert planes that could be watching at this very moment


Before the advent of the Lockheed U-2, gaining intelligence about the Soviet Union’s secretive actions during the Cold War was almost impossible for surveillance planes flying low over Russia. But the U-2 spy plane, which was able to fly out of reach of enemy fighters and missiles and take detailed aerial photographs of airfields, factories

CIA Chief: Agency Knew of Impending ISIS Attack ‘Days Before’ Paris


U.S. intelligence knew that Islamist group Islamic State (ISIS) was trying to carry out an attack “just in the days before” the group’s operatives killed 130 in a series of mass shootings in Paris, CIA director John Brennan told broadcaster CBS. Speaking on the channel’s 60 Minutes program, which was broadcast on Sunday, Brennan said

‘Shadow CIA’: West Close to Make Concessions to Russia Over Ukraine, Syria


Cooperation with Russia on the Syrian crisis and Western concessions over NATO’s buildup along the Russian border may contribute to easing tensions between Moscow and Washington, Stratfor analysts said. According to the article, Russia’s latest success in Syria may prompt the West to change its positions on such issues as the conflict in Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions. In January, Russian Foreign

U.S. defense intelligence chief predicts increased ISIS attacks


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Islamic State is likely to step up “the pace and lethality” of its attacks in the months ahead as it seeks to fan the flames of international conflict, the director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency said on Monday. Speaking to a security conference, Marine Corps Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart linked his

UK Lawmakers Say Proposed Spy Law Fails to Protect Privacy


British government plans to strengthen spies’ powers to snoop on the Internet are muddled and don’t do enough to protect privacy, lawmakers responsible for scrutinizing the country’s intelligence agencies said Tuesday. Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee said the draft Investigatory Powers Bill takes a “piecemeal” approach to protecting privacy. It said in a report that

Did A Spy-Turned-Congressman Just Out His Role In Cyber War With Russia?


WASHINGTON — A former CIA operative who now serves as a member of Congress indicated at a recent public event that the U.S. has engaged in “offensive cyber operations” against Russia, a revelation that comes while the two countries are effectively squaring off in Syria and Ukraine. The disclosure of the operations, which are likely

Crowdfunding effort seeks gov’t records of CIA agents involved in Iran-Contra

Freedom of Information Act requests to the CIA and FBI seeking documents on former officers involved in the Iran-Contra affair have been pre-approved, but before any documents are released, a self-styled “national security geek” must raise over $1,000. Michael Best’s FOIA requests center on former CIA officers Thomas G. Clines and Ted Shackley. Both agents