REVIEW: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Spies and Espionage


By Rodney Carlisle.  Indianapolis, IN:  Alpha Books, 2003.  340 pages.


[…] The same cannot be said of Spies and Espionage—it is an encyclopedia of errata.  After short comments on intelligence in Elizabethan times, the American War of Independence, and the Civil War, the book focuses briefly on the formative interwar period in the early 20th century before turning to World War II and continuing to the present.  Typical of the errors are the wrong date for the formation of the FBI (1935, not 1930) and the fact that Elizabeth Bentley spied for the NKVD, not the GRU.  Also, there was no Swiss Red Orchestra and the British did not feed ULTRA through the Lucy Ring to the Russians.  It does not stop:  Alexander Foote was not a double agent; the German agent Cicero did..

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