Britain is target of up to 1,000 cyber attacks every hour


Hackers and foreign spies are bombarding government departments and businesses around the clock in what has become one of the “greatest challenges” of modern times.

As well as targeting state or trade secrets, the cyber criminals and anarchists also try to disrupt infrastructure and communications, and even satellite systems.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, told The Daily Telegraph that not an hour goes by when a system in the UK is not being attacked. But intelligence sources have revealed that it is much worse than that, with attempts being made minute after minute.

In just a single attack during the summer, a group targeted more than 200 email accounts across 30 government departments. The Foreign office said that without security in place, the hackers could have “gained unfettered access to sensitive government information”.

Cyber crime is estimated to cost the UK about £27 billion annually..

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