Can CSIS spy on Canadians overseas? Government asks top court how it can legally track terror suspects


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has been left in the dark about the legality of tracking Canadian terror suspects overseas, the federal government is telling the Supreme Court.

In arguments filed with the high court, the government says CSIS needs “certainty” as to how it can monitor possible Canadian extremists who venture abroad.

Federal lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to settle the matter, saying lower courts made “significant errors” in dealing with this “highly sensitive area.”

Security agencies are feverishly investigating radicalized Canadians who head overseas with the aim of joining Islamic extremists. Officials fear battle-hardened jihadis could return to Canada to plot attacks.

At issue is what legal steps must be taken to enlist Canada’s closest allies to help with foreign tracking of Canadians, and how forthcoming CSIS must be with federal judges when seeking such powers.

“In the struggle against terrorism, Canada must pay close attention to the threatening activities of its own citizens..

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