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Edward Snowden gives first US television interview

In a 40 minute interview broadcast by NBC on Wednesday 28 June, Edward Snowden was asked about his career history, his life in Russia, the NSA’s capabilities and the possibilty of him ever returning to the United States. During the broadcast, Edward Snowden described making his concerns about surveillance practices known both formally and informally

Former CIA Officer: Snowden Was No Spy

Putin on Snowden: “I don’t know how he is going to live. I’m saying this without any jokes or irony”

Vladimir Putin, Enrico Letta

Putin on Snowden during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum: Vladimir Putin said that he had no idea about how the fate of Edward Snowden may evolve. He assured that the ex-CIA officer had not told anything to Russian security services. “I do not even know. He is a young guy, I don’t know how he

snowden hero

No one in modern history single-handedly altered the geo-political chessboard of the world so radically and quickly as did Edward Snowden. In short, the man is a GIANT. Read more: