Rogue British spies who leak secrets could face 14-years in jail under Secrets Act shake-up


A major overhaul of the UK’s Official Secrets Acts (1911-1989) could mean that civil servants and members of British intelligence working for GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 could soon face unprecedented jail time if they are caught leaking secrets damaging to national security. According to a 300+ page report released by the Law Commission this week

Pentagon protests Russian interception of US spy plane

Boeing RC-135

A Russian jet has intercepted a US reconnaissance plane in the Baltic Sea, the Pentagon has said only a few days after it decried Moscow for its military aircraft buzzing a US destroyer in the same area. The alleged “interception” occurred on Thursday, Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for European Command told CNN. He said the

CIA Director: No Waterboarding, Even if Ordered


U.S. CIA Director John Brennan says his agency would not use waterboarding against a detainee, even if a future president ordered such interrogation techniques. “Absolutely, I would not agree to having any CIA officer carrying out waterboarding again,” he said in an interview with NBC News, a portion of which aired Sunday. Brennan said he

Russia’s military intelligence chief killed in secret operation in Lebanon


The Head of Russia’s military intelligence service, Colonel-General Igor Sergun, was killed in January during a secret mission in the Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, the Lebanese daily newspaper al-Akhbar reported Thursday. The Kremlin announced the death of Sergun on January 4, saying that he died in Moscow after a heart attack. The military intelligence chief played

NSA can still spy under new ‘Privacy Shield’ agreement with Europe


The United States and the European Union are about to reach a new privacy agreement intended to replace the old Safe Harbor agreement that came under intense scrutiny after the Snowden leaks revealed the scope of NSA’s data collection operations. The new Privacy Shield was published in full a few days ago, showing the principles that would govern the

Protect or Spy? Top UK Court Found ‘Government Hacking Lawful’


Computer network exploitation (CNE) is now legal in the UK, as Friday the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled in favor of Britain’s intelligence’ ability to hack any person’s electronic devices without his or her consent. The UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) can continue hacking computers, phones, networks and remotely activate microphones and cameras on gadgets. Prior to the court’s ruling, GCHQ has

Paris attacks: Security agencies ‘ignored’ intelligence


Western security agencies ignored intelligence about an Islamic State (Isis) terror plot in Europe prior to the November terror attacks in Paris, a security official has said. A senior European counterterrorism source told CNN that intelligence gathered before the 13 November terror attacks had hinted that as many as 60 IS (Daesh) fighters had infiltrated

Here’s Why the National Security Agency Is Overhauling its Spy Operations


The National Security Agency is moving forward with its plans to overhaul its spy operations. The spy agency confirmed on Monday that it would combine its cyber espionage and domestic cyber protection groups so that the two will work together instead of separately. NSA Director Michael S. Rogers said in a statement that the “new

Retired general, ex-CIA chief David Petraeus to receive no further punishment


U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has decided not to impose further punishment on David Petraeus, a former U.S. military commander and CIA director who admitted sharing classified information with his mistress, according to a letter seen by Reuters. The short letter was sent by Stephen Hedger, the assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs, and

Congress to probe whether NSA back door led to Juniper hacking

SAN FRANCISCO – A U.S. congressional probe into the impact of a hack of Juniper Networks Inc software will examine the possibility that it was initially altered at the behest of the National Security Agency, a lawmaker said in an interview on Thursday. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform this month sent letters

Canada spy agency stops sharing intelligence with international parters


Canada’s ultra-secret eavesdropping agency has stopped sharing intelligence with international partners after revealing it had illegally collected Canadians’ metadata in sweeps of foreign communications. In a report to parliament, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) said on Thursday the breach was unintentional and had been discovered internally in 2013. A CSE official blamed a software flaw

Russian secret service hunt ISIS man suspected of planting bomb on Sharm el-Sheikh flight


The Metrojet A321 plane came down shortly after take off from the Red Sea beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, killing all 224 on board. Secret service agents have so far not publicly named the man, who is one of six behind the attack over Sinai. A joint investigation by Egyptian police and Russian officials found

Juniper promises to scrap firmware code that granted NSA backdoor access


Last month, network hardware maker Juniper revealed that it had found unauthorized code in its firmware that could be exploited to gain administrative access to connected devices. The announcement raised alarms because Juniper gear is widely used in network infrastructure across the globe. A document shared by whistleblower Edward Snowden showed that the NSA was aware

Eye in the Sky: US Spy Plane Reportedly Monitored N Korea’s H-Bomb Test


According to a Kyodo news agency report, the RC 135V reconnaissance plane took off from the Kadena airbase at 10:30 a.m. local time. Ten minutes later seismic stations registered underground tremors in North Korea apparently caused by a nuclear explosion. The North Korean authorities later announced a successful test of what they described as a ‘miniaturized hydrogen bomb.” The RC 135V returned

Benghazi panel interviews former CIA Director Petraeus


WASHINGTON — Former CIA Director David Petraeus faced questions on Wednesday from a House committee investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, as the inquiry entered its third calendar year — and a presidential election year. Petraeus was the first of four former Obama administration officials scheduled to appear before the Republican-led committee in

U.S. intelligence skeptical North Korea detonated H-bomb


U.S. intelligence is “highly skeptical” that North Korea actually detonated a thermonuclear device in spite of claims that it conducted a hydrogen bomb test, CBS News Pentagon Correspondent David Martin reported. The rogue nation said Wednesday that it tested a “miniaturized” hydrogen bomb, which, if confirmed, would represent a major improvement to their nuclear arsenal.

Military investigating alleged security breach at intelligence centre


Military police in Halifax are investigating an alleged security breach involving storage of secret files inside one of the Royal Canadian Navy’s most sensitive security operations. According to court documents, military investigators allege that between 2004 and 2009 a web designer working at HMCS Trinity — the military’s principal East Coast intelligence centre — used

China Launches a New High-Tech Spy Ship


The Chinese navy has just commissioned a new high-tech spy ship—at least its fourth since 1999. The Type 815 surveillance vessel Neptune, featuring sensitive electronic listening devices, could help Beijing further improve its already impressive ability to gather intelligence on its rivals, in particular the U.S. Navy. China’s state media announced the Neptune’s Dec. 26

Russian Military Intelligence Chief Dies Unexpectedly


The Kremlin says the head of Russia’s military intelligence agency, which is known as the GRU, has died unexpectedly. A statement posted on the Kremlin website on January 4 said that General Igor Sergun, 58, had suffered a “sudden death,” but gave no details as to the cause, timing, or circumstances. The state-run news agency

Horrific new ISIS video ‘shows Russian spy being executed and another forced to dig his own grave’


Horrific new footage released by ISIS claims to show the execution of a Russian spy. Published by the terror group’s Russian-language propaganda arm FURAT, the 17-minute video is billed as a round up of news from newly acquired ISIS territory in the Caucasus. It includes references to the recent Islamic State attacks in Paris and