NATO War Game Tests Intelligence- Sharing

ORLAND AIR BASE, Norway—A war game the North Atlantic Treaty Organization played recently in a Norwegian fiord about 650 miles from the Russian border has a familiar ring: Tensions between two countries explode into military conflict after one supports an insurgency in disputed territory. NATO officials say any parallels to the situation in Ukraine are

Special ops teams first in, last out in Afghan war


First in and last out — that's the current plan for elite U.S. forces in Afghanistan, according to Adm. Bill McRaven. The top U.S. special operations commander said his troops could be tapped to lead the mission in Afghanistan, while also increasing their numbers in places like Africa and the Pacific. But he stressed that

Drone Strike Kills Qaeda Operative in Pakistan, U.S. Says


WASHINGTON — A Central Intelligence Agency drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal area on Jan. 10 killed an operative of Al Qaeda who was believed to be planning attacks against the West, an American official confirmed on Thursday. The operative, Aslam Awan, a Pakistani citizen, was the “external operations planner” for the terrorist network, the official

The Pakistan-Iran-Afghanistan Intelligence War: Analysis

afghan war

Reports from Afghanistan indicate a struggle between nations, complete with double agents, international spies and arms smugglers. And U.S. troops and Afghan government officials are in the cross hairs. Sometimes simple news reports from Afghanistan provide a window to some very deep, troubling trends. Such is the case with an article this weekend from ToloNews,