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U-2 Spy Plane’s Retirement Signals the End of an Era

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  After more than 50 years gathering intelligence 13 miles above the ground, the United States’ U-2 spy planes will be phased out and replaced by unmanned drones by 2015, The New York Times reported this week. Find out more about the long history of the high-altitude aircraft, which first took to the skies during

Super Sensitive Small Missile Detector

Two years ago, the United States put into orbit a pair of experimental STSS (Space Tracking and Surveillance System) satellites. These have better heat sensors and are there to provide earlier warning of ballistic missile launches, so that anti-missiles can hit ballistic missiles earlier, and with a higher probability of destroying them. STSS can also

‘Secret’ IDF missile unveiled to public for first time

The Israel Defense Forces' Artillery Corps unveiled Monday for the first time the Tamuz, a missile capable of striking targets 25 kilometers away. The Tamuz is equipped with an electro-optic sensor that allows the team operating the missile to monitor the target during the projectile's flight and guide it accurately all the way to the