David Cameron gives spy agencies power to vet airline flight lists

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David Cameron will make it easier for intelligence agencies to access information about airline passengers and announce measures to intensify cooperation with Turkey and Germany as the government moves to stem the flow of British-born jihadis travelling to and from Syria and Iraq.

As the king of Saudi Arabia warned that terror groups would attack Europe in the next month unless they were confronted with “power and speed”, the prime minister will hold a final round of talks with Nick Clegg on Monday before outlining the package of measures to parliament.

The prime minister and his deputy have reached broad agreement on plans to make it easier to strip suspected jihadis of their passports in Britain and to improve the flow of data about airline passengers to the intelligence agencies.

But Clegg and Cameron will try to resolve differences on possible plans to impose a temporary ban on British-born jihadis returning to Britain and plans to tighten up terrorism prevention and investigation measures (Tpims), the successor to control orders.

The prime minister outlined plans to strengthen “information sharing” between European Union member states on airline passengers in a paper which he presented to EU leaders before their summit in Brussels at the weekend. Britain wants to persuade MEPs with concerns about civil liberties to drop their opposition to an EU directive which would allow countries to collect and share airline passenger name records in real time.

Before the summit, a government source said: “We think there should be urgent adoption of [the directive]. It is stuck in the European parliament at the moment. It would enable much more rapid sharing and monitoring of such information.”

Signs of coalition tensions were highlighted when Paddy Ashdown and Sir Menzies Campbell, two former..

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