Federal judge denies FOIA request for secret CIA document

The logo of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is shown in the lobby of the CIA headquarters

A federal judge has determined that the CIA can keep secret a closely guarded internal analysis at the center of an intense fight between the agency and Congress.

District Court Judge James Boasberg ruled against a journalist on Tuesday who had tried to uncover the classified documents — known as the Panetta Review, because they was completed under orders from former agency Director Leon Panetta — under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The CIA had used “sound” reasoning in keeping the documents secret, Boasberg decided in a 19-page judgment, preventing it from making its way to the public.

The documents “may be withheld in full,” Boasberg added.At issue is a set of more than 40 draft memos about the CIA’s past use of “enhanced interrogation” techniques, such as waterboarding and the use of “stress positions,” which many consider to be torture. Panetta ordered the CIA to prepare the analysis after Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee announced in..

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