Finmeccanica Opens Cyber Defense Center


ROME — Italy’s Finmeccanica has beefed up its presence in the growing cybersecurity business by opening a cyber attack monitoring and prevention center in central Italy, using a super computer with the power of 30,000 desktop PCs.

Selex ES, a unit of Finmeccanica, unveiled the center on June 4, with managers predicting 12-13 percent annual growth in the firm’s cyber revenue, which currently stands at €100 million (US $136.1 million).

The move coincides with Italy’s effort to set up a government center in Rome to pull together parallel initiatives in the field to provide a unified response to cyber attacks against national targets.

While the Selex center is a commercial activity with private and government customers, it hopes to have a role in planned government cyber activities, such as establishment of a Computer Emergency Response Team.

Selex’s center at Chieti, in the mountainous Abruzzo region, will augment the cybersecurity services the firm already provides state and private customers thanks to a super computer with a capacity of 310 Teraflops, able to carry out 310,000 billion operations per second using 30,000 CPUs, making it one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, the firm said.

Andrea Biraghi, the head of the center, said that Abruzzo had become a center for cybersecurity thanks to a local university specializing in the field, as well as a local community of hackers.

The center’s 55 cyber specialists are part of a 500 strong cyber team Selex has based in Italy and in the UK — in Bristol and Basildon — which protect “a few thousand” clients, amounting to a total of 70,000 users, Biraghi said.

Customers include companies, the Italian Ministry of Defense and Italian infrastructure.

“If the customer is a company..

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