French Intelligence Involved in NSA Spying in France, Monde Says


French intelligence services worked “very closely” with the U.S. National Security Agency in spying on the country’s citizens, Le Monde reported, citing documents it said it obtained from Edward Snowden.

The outrage expressed by the French president after reports of NSA spying in the country made it seem like France was a “perfect victim,” the afternoon daily said. The documents, however, show that French intelligence agencies transfered massive amounts of data from France to their U.S. and U.K. counterparts, Le Monde said.

After discussions in November 2006, the relationship between NSA and France’s DGSE entered a “new dimension,” the daily cited the documents as saying.

The spying, on grounds of fighting terrorism, covered information relating to the Hezbollah in Lebanon and al-Qaeda-linked AQMI in the Sahel region, Le Monde said.

The level of cooperation today is such that personal information from Africa or the Middle East passing through France — even on French citizens — may be passed on to the NSA,

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