Gov’ts to be able to spy on citizens using DNA – Wikileaks founder Assange

“We will see a situation that Sweden has had for more than a decade… which is everyone has a number, everyone’s DNA is taken at birth, their DNA is encoded onto their identity documents or connected to it, to their tax records, to their credit report,” Assange said via Skype conference at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York.

The ability to monitor any person in the world either already exists, or will appear in a few years, according to Assange.

“And that’s led to a huge transfer of power from the people who are surveiled upon to those who control the surveillance complex. It’s an interesting postmodern version of power,” the WikiLeaks founder explained.

Personal Democracy Forum has been held in New York since 2004. It serves as a platform for experts in information security and Internet law.

This year, the forum participants actively discussed the events associated with leaks, which had been organized by the former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden, Russia Today channel reported.

The WikiLeaks scandal erupted after the website published US diplomatic documents in late November 2010.

Assange is currently in the UK..
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