Israeli intelligence: Assad concealing chemical capability


Israeli intelligence is afraid that the regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria is acting to conceal a small percentage of the chemical weapons in its possession, while misleading the international community. This assessment joins similar ones heard in the past two weeks from intelligence sources in the United States and Great Britain, and which have been cited in the international media.

The deal for the dismantling of the chemical weapons was achieved, under American and Russian pressure, in the summer of 2013, following the massacre perpetrated by the government, in which about 1,500 civilians were killed in neighborhoods controlled by organizations of Syrian rebels in east Damascus. The Syrian regime was forced to accept the agreement, in light of the threat by the United States to attack military targets in Syria from the air, in punishment for the slaughter. To date about 92 percent of the Syrian chemical weapons arsenals have been dismantled, and the means for producing and launching such weapons are also being destroyed. Assad's regime missed a second deadline on Sunday, April 27, for the for the destruction of its arsenalfor the destruction of its arsenal.

However, recently the West received intelligence information, which appears quite reliable, indicating that the regime is nevertheless making an..

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