John Kerry asks to delay CIA torture report


In a personal phone call to the Chair of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, Secretary of State John Kerry asked for the so-called torture report to be delayed, arguing it could damage foreign relations and pose risks to US personnel and facilities.

The Chair, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), was due to release the report early next week. Though its contents haven’t been officially discussed, it is believed to be very critical of the CIA’s use of torture – or what it calls enhanced interrogation techniques – on Al-Qaeda detainees and terror suspects held in secret facilities in Europe and Asia under the Bush administration.

What he raised was timing of report release, because a lot is going on in the world — including parts of the world particularly implicated — and wanting to make sure foreign policy implications were being appropriately factored into timing,” an unnamed administration official told Bloomberg News. “He had a responsibility to do so because this isn’t just an intel issue — it’s a..

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