Julian Assange claims the Guardian is guilty of ‘institutional narcissism’ over its handling of Edward Snowden in a blistering editorial for Newsweek


Julian Assange has launched a bitter attack on the Guardian and claimed that the newspaper is guilty of ‘institutional narcissism’.

In a scathing editorial for Newsweek, the WikiLeaks founder accused the newspaper of being hypocrites and leaving Edward Snowden in the lurch after getting what they wanted from him.

Mr Assange also claimed that The Guardian was far more interested in cashing in after being paid £460,000 for rights to a forthcoming film about the affair, which will be directed by Oliver Stone.

The Guardian won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the documents provided to it by Mr Snowden and has wasted no opportunity to beat its own drum.

The newspaper has published endless articles on how it broke the story and collaborated on a film starring Benedict Cumberbatch called The Fifth Estate.

The Oliver Stone film, to be released this year, is called ‘The Snowden Files’ and will be based on a book by Guardian journalist Luke Harding of the same
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