Lithuania threatened by cyber espionage


Lithuania is experiencing increasing threats from cyber espionage and information attacks financed by foreign intelligence services, aiming to form a negative opinion about the country’s foreign policies and national defense, shows a report published by the government.

The document, which will be submitted to the Cabinet later on Wednesday, suggests that Lithuanian state institutions have already faced instances of cyber spying.

“Malware discovered in computers of state institutions could have taken over data from the infected computers and forward it to specified addresses,” reads the overview of the government’s 2012 operations.

Authors of the document forecast that the main targets of future cyber attacks might include information related with NATO and the European Union (EU).

The report also speaks about information campaigns plotted by third countries and financed by foreign intelligence services. According to the document, they are particularly observed “when Lithuania steps up action, implements foreign policy and defense priorities, as well energy projects.”

With the aim of forming a critical public opinion, information is published “step by step an..

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