Moscow has U.S. Internet surveillance server


One of the servers of U.S. global system of monitoring Internet users is located in Moscow, Vedomosti daily reported on Monday quoting information shared by former CIA employee Edward Snowden with The Guardian.

Vedomosti says this follows from a 2008 presentation of the U.S. National Security Agency published on the Guardian's website on July 31. "It turns out that the U.S. spying infrastructure is located in Moscow. The presentation contains a map of the locations of 700 servers of the global Internet surveillance system called XKeyscore. The servers are located in 150 countries, not just in Moscow but also in Kyiv and even in Beijing," the Vedomosti article says.

According to the NSA presentation, XKeyscore collects information about electronic correspondence, downloaded or sent files, visited Internet pages, activeness in instant messengers, including lists of friends, and also information from the telephone books of mobile users. The system can also monitor the entire traffic of a user after he or she is indentified in the Internet, including the computer software which NSA is unaware of yet.

Vedomosti wondered where the XKeyscore server in Moscow may be located. A representative of the Federal Security Service (FSB) did not answer the..

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