Mossad spy who saved Hamas leader’s life calls for him to seek peace


Seventeen years ago, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal lay dying, as poison in his veins began to shut down his vital organs, one by one.

At the last moment, a shadowy figure emerged, handing over the secret antidote that brought the Hamas leader back from the dead.

Now, as the war between Israel and Gaza continues to rage, that same figure – former Mossad agent, Mishka Ben David – has appealed to Mr Meshaal to return the favour: stop taking “the most extreme side” in Hamas and accept a compromise to end the war with Israel.

The floor-to-ceiling windows of Mr Ben David’s airy living room, situated on the hilltops just outside Jerusalem, give a panoramic view all the way to the south of Israel and beyond, where bloody fighting rages on.

“You can see Gaza from here,” says the former spy, pointing to a tiny blur in the distance beyond the city of Ashkelon. “I can hear..

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