NSA Chief Michael Rogers Defends Agency’s Facial Recognition Program

NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers answers question at Reuters CyberSecurity Summit in Washington

Chief of the National Security Agency Admiral Michael Rogers on Tuesday defended the agency’s use of a facial-recognition program and said that it follows legal procedures while using the method on U.S. citizens, even as he played down the possibility that Edward Snowden is a foreign spy.

Rogers’ defense was in response to a report on Saturday by the New York Times, which said that the organization was intercepting “millions of images per day” of people in various locations. Rogers defended the NSA’s actions by saying that it was an effort to counter terrorism, and added that the procedure could only be undertaken for U.S. citizens if certain legal parameters were met.

“We do not do this in some unilateral basis against U.S. citizens,” Rogers at a conference on cyber security in Washington, according to Bloomberg, adding: “We have very specific restrictions when it comes..

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