NSA critic Bruce Schneier joins new firm


Bruce Schneier has revealed his latest post after leaving BT — the role of chief technology officer at security firm Co3 Systems.

The well-known security expert and vocal critic of the National Security Agency (NSA) revealed in a blog post this week his new role at Co3 Systems, a company that specializes in cybersecurity incident response. Schneier wrote:

"Today I am joining Co3 Systems as its Chief Technology Officer. I've been on the company's advisory board for about a year, and was an informal adviser to CEO John Bruce before that. John and I worked together at Counterpane in the early 2000s, and we both think this is a natural extension to what we tried to build there.

I'm really excited about this — and the fact that the company headquarters are just three T stops inbound to Harvard and the Berkman Center makes it even more perfect."

As the new CTO of Co3 Systems, Schneier will guide the firm's product portfolio. Schneier describes the company as a "social networking site for incident response," where business systems automatically create incident response plans and executes them when necessary — providing logs to see..

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