NSA critics to decry intelligence ‘lies’ at congressional hearing


Critics of the National Security Agency’s vast surveillance programs will be provided with a platform to speak out against the spy agency on Wednesday at a congressional hearing.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) told the Guardian on Friday that a bipartisan group of lawmakers have begun organizing a hearing to be held in the middle of next week in order to counter the "constant misleading information" being presented by the United States intelligence community.

In the wake of a stream of leaked NSA documents that have been published since early June, a number of officials with insider knowledge of the surveillance programs have defended the government’s tactics to members of Congress. NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, President Barack Obama, and top figures from the Department of Justice have all shared words of support for the surveillance program, but Grayson said the debate in Washington has thus far been one-sided.

"I have been concerned about the fact that we have heard incessantly in recent weeks from General Keith Alexander and Mr. James Clapper about their side of the story," Rep. Grayson told the Guardian. "We have barely heard anything in Congress from critics of the program.

"Both Congress and the American people deserve to hear both sides of the story," Grayson said. "There has been constant misleading information – and worse than that, the occasional outright lie – from the so-called intelligence community in their extreme, almost hysterical efforts, to defend these programs."

According to the lawmaker, critics of the program will appear in Washington on Wednesday for “an ad hoc, bipartisan hearing on domestic surveillance.”

Earlier this week, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) attempted to..

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