‘Operation Socialist’: UK spy agency behind Belgian telecom hack


UK spy agency GCHQ carried out hack attacks on telecoms firm Belgacom, data divulged by Edward Snowden has revealed. Fingers initially pointed to the NSA when Belgian authorities reported a “foreign state” had invaded the networks of the state company.

Citing documents leaked by former CIA worker Edward Snowden, Der Spiegel reported that the British Government Communications Headquarters were behind hack attacks on Belgian state-owned telecoms firm Belgacom.

Slides from a GCHQ presentation, seen by Der Spiegel, show the infiltration of company computers was part of ‘Operation Socialist’. The presentation then goes on to describe the advanced technology involved in extracted the data from the organization.

The GCHQ targeted certain high-level employees with ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks that redirect them to copycat websites where their computers were infected with malware. The malware was then used to manipulate the computers and collect key..

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