Public Increasingly Wary of the NSA, Poll Finds


During his Senate confirmation hearing earlier this year, Adm. Michael Rogers, now commander of U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency, said that he saw it as his job as the head of the NSA to change public attitudes toward the NSA’s activities.

Public concern about NSA activities has been on a slow but steady climb since the disclosures of the Snowden scandal in 2013.

“I believe one of the takeaways form the situation over the last few months is that as an intelligence professional…I have to be capable of communicating in a way that highlights what we are doing and why to the greatest extent possible,” he said.

A new poll out from the Pew Research Center shows just how difficult a job it will be for Rogers, or anyone in United States intelligence collection, to win back public support.

In a survey of more than 607 adults:

More than 43 percent said that they heard “a lot” about “the government collecting information about telephone calls, emails, and other online communications as part of efforts to monitor terrorist activity,” and another 44 percent of respondents had heard at least a something about it.  More disconcerting for Rogers is that they..

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