Report: Panel warns U.S. intelligence too focused on military support

A secret report from the President's Intelligence Advisory Board warns that American intelligence agencies have prioritized supporting military operations over traditional intelligence gathering, leaving the country vulnerable to new threats.

The panel, which includes Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and CIA director John Brennan, found that an emphasis on drone strikes and military operations in the Middle East following the Sept. 11 attacks had led the intelligence community to neglect possible attacks from China and other potential blind spots, according to The Washington Post

The report, issued at the end of 2012, said the focus of spy agencies like the CIA and National Security Agency has been "distorted" by the threat of al Qaeda.

Former Sen. David Boren (D-Okla.), a member of the intelligence panel, told the Post that "the intelligence community has become to some degree a military support operation." He suggested that the balance between traditional espionage and operations "needs to

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