Russian Security Expert: Snowden Is Leaving Out Key Details About Russian Spies Approaching Him

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Edward Snowden acknowledges that Russian spies offered to work with him when he arrived in Moscow and says he turned them down. But the former NSA systems administrator refuses to discuss the details.

Greg Miller of The Washington Post reports that ACLU attorney and Snowden legal adviser Ben Wizner also “declined to discuss where Snowden lives, or how he secured an apartment in a city where such transactions require government involvement — except to indicate that Snowden’s Russian attorney, Anatoly Kucherena, has helped with such arrangements.”

The secrecy surrounding Snowden’s contact with Russian spies is strange to Andrei Soldatov, a Russian investigative journalist and expert of the post-Soviet security services (FSB). Soldatov told Business Insider that Snowden is leaving out crucial details — and he

and his closest supporters know it.

“It’s very odd. He provided a denial, pure and simple, but not an explanation,” Soldatov told Business Insider in an email. “He didn’t give any details of how the FSB had approached him, and the only line in such circumstances — as he conceded he was indeed approached — is to make the details of the approach transparent.”

Soldatov would know: He wrote co-wrote the book on the FSB and deals with them regularly. His view is that dealing with the security services is “always some sort of game. If you show them that you are ready for the game, then you might be caught. That’s a problem.”

That’s why discussing the details of FSB antics is crucial.

“For me, my main line of defense [against] the security services of Russia was to show by all means that I am not willing to play the game,” Soldatov told BI. “They might call me and invite me to some place or to something and I would always make these things public to show them that I am not ready for games. That’s a very important..
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