Secret London spy hotspots revealed as list pinpoints espionage sites


A list of London's most secretive espionage sites has revealed the spots used by MI5 agents and Russian spies, naming hotspot in Holborn, Clapham and South Kensington among others.

Where exactly do spies get their cars fixed, have something to eat or bump each other off?

A new guide to espionage in London unearths the secrets of what the spooks have got up to in the capital.

Among the nooks and crannies is a garage used by MI5 in the 1970s to get its cars suped-up and kitted out with surveillance equipment.

But the garage near Clapham in south London was later uncovered by the Russians, prompting the Security Service to move their specialist mechanics to ‘somewhere in west London’.

The Londonist Top 10 Spy Sites also features a warren of tunnels underneath Kingsway, near Holborn.

Originally used as air raid shelters..

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