Spain fears NSA is targeting communications data of its citizens

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Spanish authorities believe the US' National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting communication data in the country, echoing recent revelations about the NSA's activity in France.

According to a report in Spanish daily El Pais, the country's intelligence agency CNI suspects that the NSA has been trawling through millions of phone records, text messages and emails originating in Spain. While it is claimed the content of the phone calls was not recorded, El Pais says the caller, recipient, duration, location and length of calls were collected.

The recording of communication data was triggered by either a keyword or if a phone line had previously been targeted for surveillance. The El Pais report adds that CNI does not believe the NSA targeted politicians as it has done in Mexico and Brazil.

If these reports are correct it would seem that the NSA is targeting Spanish nationals for surveillance in a similar way to its operations in France. French newspaper Le Monde published leaks from whistleblower Edward Snowden that claimed the NSA collected data from 70 million phone calls made in the country in just a 30 day..

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