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Former Bank CEO Says He Led A Double Life As A CIA Agent And Hunted Osama Bin Laden


Most bankers spend their days building models on their Excel spreadsheets. But some of the projects Ed Hale worked on required more gusto. Hale, the former chairman and CEO of the First Mariner Bank, revealed that he led a double life


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Ex-Afghan spy chief details hunt for bin Laden, 10-year war


Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Afghan spies had intelligence leads four years ago that pointed to an area close to where Osama bin Laden was hiding, according to Afghanistan's former spy chief. But Pervez Musharraf — then Pakistan's president — refused

The bin Laden Operation: What’s Not To Like?

In May, shortly after the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, I was on a panel on BFM Radio in Paris. One of the panelists, a leading journalist for L'Express magazine, Vincent Hugueux, began the conversation by stating flatly that

US – Is THIS the man who killed Bin Laden?

The CIA operative who was responsible for tracking down and ultimately killing Osama Bin laden may have had his cover blown because of his distinguishing yellow tie. The man, known as ‘John’, is a career CIA analyst whose job for