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REVIEW: Spies Among Us How to Stop the Spies, Terrorists, Hackers, and Criminals


by Ira Winkler 2005, 0-7645-8468-5, U$27.50/C$38.99/UK#16.99 Ira Winkler www.irawinkler.com 5353 Dundas Street West, 4th Floor, Etobicoke, ON   M9B 6H8  2005 0-7645-8468-5 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 416-236-4433 fax: 416-236-4448 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ira Winkler's "Spies Among Us" finally cleared my head on the subject of

REVIEW: Modern Cryptography: Theory and Practice


by Wenbo Mao, 2004, 0-13-066943-1, U$54.99/C$82.99 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________   A "Short Description of the Book" states that it is intended to address the issue of whether various crypto algorithms are "practical," as opposed to just theoretically strong.  This seems odd, since