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Rendition victim takes case against Lithuania to European Court


Lawyers for Abu Zubaydah, a Palestinian currently being held by the U.S. at Guantanamo Bay, filed a case against Lithuania on Thursday at the European Court of Human Rights over torture and secret detention at a CIA-run site in the

US Drone Attack Kills 3 in Pakistan


The US drone attacked a house in Dapeh Khil area in South Waziristan, and killed three people, a security official said under the condition of anonymity. Officials and political figures as well as the people in Pakistan are all furious

Computer virus found on CIA’s Predator drone remote-control system


The remote control cockpits of the US Central Intelligence Agency’s Predator drones have been infected by a potentially disastrous computer virus, which surreptitiously records every keystroke made by the pilots. Wired magazine’s Danger Room blog, which aired the exclusive report,

CIA, Pentagon fight to keep Osama bin Laden death photos secret

TORA BORA...Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan are seen from the

Photos and videos of Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden after he was killed in May in a U.S. military/Central Intelligence Agency raid in Pakistan should not be released publicly because they would reveal military and intelligence secrets and could lead

CIA documents shed light on S Korea’s nuke ambition in 1970s


As the international community continues to grapple with how best to thwart North Korea's nuclear ambitions, a Seoul-based publication has revealed declassified US Central Intelligence Agency documents shedding light on South Korea's own efforts to acquire nuclear weapons four decades

Inside the CIA’s secret Thai prison


BANGKOK – The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) appears to have used Bangkok's former Don Muang International Airport as a secret prison to torture a suspected Muslim terrorist, the first time a specific location has ever been described within

Pakistani spy agency aided Afghan militant attacks, U.S. says

U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan's Kunar province

Pakistan's powerful intelligence agency communicated with Afghan insurgents who attacked the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters in central Kabul last week and appear to have provided them with equipment, according to U.S. military officers and former officials. Communications gear used

Wikileaks, Al Jazeera Chief Linked to the CIA


Al Jazeera's director general has resigned due to rumors he is linked to the CIA. Critics say that would explain the switching US attitude towards the Qatar-based news network. Not all that long ago, the Al Jazeera news network was

US drone crashes in Pakistan; 15 killed as militants attack tribe

pakistan drone

An unmanned United States drone aircraft crashed in Pakistan’s lawless northwestern tribal district on Sunday after suffering a technical fault, local security officials said. The drone, the second to crash in Pakistan within the last month, went down in South

Al Qaeda Is Not Going Away, CIA Chief Says

WASHINGTON—The U.S. has "a window of opportunity" to defeat al Qaeda's central leadership in Pakistan in the wake of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, the CIA's new director David Petraeus said Tuesday. Al Qaeda and its affiliates, however,

CIA investigates its role in NYPD programs that monitor Muslim communities, infiltrate mosques


WASHINGTON — The CIA inspector general is investigating whether the agency broke the law by helping the New York Police Department build intelligence-gathering programs that monitored life in Muslim communities, the agency said Tuesday following an investigation by The Associated

Travel Ban Imposed on Pakistani Doctor Involved in bin Laden Raid

PakUS - flag

A Pakistani commission has sanctioned the Pakistani doctor who assisted the United States in its raid against al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden while a U.S. Senator urges the U.S. cut off all aid to Pakistan. The Pakistani government-appointed Abbottabad Commission

US wants Pakistan releases CIA agent


Islamabad, Sept 4, IRNA – The United States has sought the intervention of Pakistan’s top political leadership to secure the release of a doctor who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to track down al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden

Pakistan Detains 3 Suspected Al Qaeda Members, Including Top Operative


ISLAMABAD — Pakistani intelligence officers working with the CIA arrested three members of Al Qaeda including a top operative believed to have been tasked by Usama bin Laden with targeting American economic interests around the world, Pakistan's army said Monday.

CIA Helped Gaddafi Torture Libyan Dissidents, Documents Show

gheddafi - 132028_760

The Central Intelligence Agency and Libyan intelligence services developed such a tight relationship during the George W. Bush administration that the U.S. shipped terror suspects to Libya for interrogation and suggested the questions they should be asked, according to documents

Hackers steal SSL certificates for CIA, MI6, Mossad


Computerworld – The tally of digital certificates stolen from a Dutch company in July has exploded to more than 500, including ones for intelligence services like the CIA, the U.K.'s MI6 and Israel's Mossad, a Mozilla developer said Sunday. The

N.Y. billing dispute reveals details of secret CIA rendition flights

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On Aug. 12, 2003, a Gulfstream IV aircraft carrying six passengers took off from Dulles International Airport and flew to Bangkok with fueling stops in Cold Bay, Alaska, and Osaka, Japan. Before it returned four days later, the plane also

Petraeus leaving Army after 37 years to head CIA


WASHINGTON — Gen. David Petraeus, America's best-known general is taking off his uniform before starting a new chapter as the 20th director of the CIA next week, where he will keep waging war on al-Qaida and other terrorist groups, but

Top Secret CIA ‘Official History’ of the Bay of Pigs: Revelations

bay of pigs -vol2-part1-2

'Friendly Fire' Reported as CIA Personnel Shot at Own Aircraft. New Revelations on Assassination Plots, Use of Americans in Combat. National Security Archive FOIA Lawsuit Obtains Release of Last Major Internal Agency Compilation on Paramilitary Invasion of Cuba. Washington, D.C.,

The Berlin Wall, Fifty Years Ago


Three Days Before Wall Went Up, CIA Expected East Germany Would Take "Harsher Measures" to Solve Refugee Crisis. Disturbed By Lack of Warning, JFK Asked Intelligence Advisers to Review CIA Performance Washington, D.C., August 12, 2011 – Fifty years ago,