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Russia Denounces U.S. Over C.I.A. Torture Report


MOSCOW — Often castigated by the United States over its record on human rights, democracy and civil liberties, Russia on Thursday seized on the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the use of torture by the C.I.A. to turn the tables

How the Military Intelligence Community Has Failed to Incorporate Sociocultural Understanding of their Operational Environment


The purpose of this paper will be to explore how the military intelligence community (IC) can create programs to foster a population centric approach to collection of intelligence in order to bolster sociocultural understanding of the operational environment. The objectives

REVIEW: The Master of Disguise. My Secret Life in the CIA


By Antonio Mendez. New York City: William Morrow and Company, 1999. 351 pages. Reviewed by Jim Steinmeyer ____________________________________________________________________________________ Magicians love gimmicks. In fact, I think it is this admiration for contraptions—for tricky pieces of apparatus that do this when you