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‘Germany’s intel agency is (apparently) branch of CIA’


The German BND is not an independent intelligent service but more like a CIA branch, Manuel Ochsenreiter, Editor-in-Chief of Zuerst magazine, told RT. Its so-called evidence on the MH17 tragedy is questionable and contradicting, he added. RT: German intelligence says

REVIEW: Counterfeit Spies. Genuine or Bogus? An Astonishing Investigation into Secret Agents of the Second World War


By Nigel West. London: St. Ermin's Press, 1999. 308 pages ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The secret world of intelligence is a `wilderness of mirrors' where reality is distorted by professional liars. But it is also quite often the `missing dimension' to much of

REVIEW: The Master of Disguise. My Secret Life in the CIA


By Antonio Mendez. New York City: William Morrow and Company, 1999. 351 pages. Reviewed by Jim Steinmeyer ____________________________________________________________________________________ Magicians love gimmicks. In fact, I think it is this admiration for contraptions—for tricky pieces of apparatus that do this when you