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Saudi Cyber Attack Seen as Work of Amateur Hackers Backed by Iran


Digital security experts say a major August cyber-attack at Saudi Arabia's top oil company appears to be the work of amateur hackers working on behalf of a nation state, and several signs point to Iran as their sponsor. The experts

Hackers Hit 30,000 Oil Company Computers

A worker looks on during a tour in the Khurais oilfield

More than 30,000 computer hard drives belonging to the world's biggest oil company have been damaged in a cyber attack, an investigation has revealed. According to sources, Saudi Arabia's national oil company was hit after at least one insider with

Hackers Lay Claim to Saudi Aramco Cyberattack


Unknown computer hackers claim they forced the world’s largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, to quarantine its oil production systems from infected PCs inside the company last week. They threatened to attack the company again this Saturday. The hackers said that