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China Holds Man Who ‘Sold 500 Aircraft Carrier Images’


Beijing:  A Chinese man who sold 500 pictures of the country’s first aircraft carrier has been detained in a spying investigation, local media reported, the latest web user allegedly exploited by foreign intelligence agencies. The man, surnamed Zhang, began taking

GCHQ views data without a warrant, government admits

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British intelligence services can access raw material collected in bulk by the NSA and other foreign spy agencies without a warrant, the government has confirmed for the first time. GCHQ’s secret “arrangements” for accessing bulk material are revealed in documents

NSA Chief Michael Rogers Defends Agency’s Facial Recognition Program

NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers answers question at Reuters CyberSecurity Summit in Washington

Chief of the National Security Agency Admiral Michael Rogers on Tuesday defended the agency’s use of a facial-recognition program and said that it follows legal procedures while using the method on U.S. citizens, even as he played down the possibility

China Says It Unearthed a Military Spy Ring Involving 40 People

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China sentenced a man to 10 years in prison for providing military secrets to overseas spy organizations as part of an espionage ring that involved 40 people in China, state media said. A man surnamed Li became a tool for