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48 Killed in Ethnic Clashes in Kenya


At least 48 people, including 11 children, have been killed in clashes between two ethnic groups in Kenya's eastern Tana River region. Police said Wednesday the victims were either hacked to death or burned after fighting erupted between the Pokomo

1950s spy tunnel discovered in Germany


Berlin — A section of an ingenious buried pipeline built by U.S. and British spies to intercept Russian phone conversations in Cold War Berlin has been found in a forest about 90 miles from the German capital. The pipe tunnel, almost

Militants attack Yemen intelligence HQ, killing 20


SANAA, Yemen –  The death toll of an al-Qaida suspected attack on a Yemeni intelligence headquarters rose to 20 on Saturday, in the worst such attack in a year that highlights the challenges faced by the country's new leadership as

Ukraine jails two N. Koreans for missile spying


Ukraine has jailed two North Koreans for eight years on charges of trying to obtain sensitive missile production data, a law enforcement official said on Monday. The sentence was issued last month and came into force in recent days after

Militia hands 2 British journalists to Libyan intelligence, accuses them of espionage


TRIPOLI, Libya — A commander of a Libyan militia holding two British journalists said Thursday they have been handed over to state intelligence, accusing them of espionage. Tripoli militia commander Faraj al-Swehli said the two journalists were found with classified

Eritrea Calls for UN to Respond After Ethiopian Attack

Ethiopia Eritrea.JPEG-06343

Eritrea is calling for the United Nations to impose penalties on arch-rival Ethiopia, after Ethiopian forces attacked a military base inside Eritrea. In a statement Friday, Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh said the incursion is part of a history of

Iran Urges Baku to Stop Mossad’s Anti-Iran Espionage Operations


TEHRAN, BAKU (Combined Sources)—Iran on Sunday called on Azerbaijan to halt anti-Iran espionage operations by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, on Azeri soil. Iran’s foreign ministry summoned Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Iran, Javanshir Akhundov and demanded that Baku end facilitating Mossad’s

Former British Official: Britain Attempted Spy Plot in Russia

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A former top British official has admitted for the first time that Britain spied on Russia using electronic equipment inside a phony rock. Jonathan Powell told the BBC that British spies were clearly responsible for the espionage attempt in Moscow