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Espionage programs linked to spying on former Soviet targets


A one-two combination of malware programs has infiltrated the embassies and government systems of a number of former Eastern Bloc nations as well as European targets, according to a technical analysis by security researchers. Using exploits and malicious downloads delivered

CIA Testing AWS Cloud for Security Holes

The logo of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is shown in the lobby of the CIA headquarters

The CIA’s chief information officer provided an update on the spy agency’s plans to roll out private cloud services – one would guess extremely private – during an industry symposium sponsored by its cloud vendor, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Spy

Vietnam-China cyberwar breaking out?


VietNamNet Bridge – After hackers claiming to be Vietnamese attacked multiple Chinese websites, 102 Vietnamese websites were attacked by Chinese hackers. It is widely feared this may trigger a cyberwar between Vietnam and China. Securitydaily on May 9 quoted techz.vn

How many criminals have NSA’s phone records busted? Maybe one

House Select Intelligence Committee Holds Hearing On Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

The U.S. Congress needs to help restore global trust in the nation’s technology vendors by reining in surveillance programs at the National Security Agency, an industry representative told lawmakers Tuesday. Recent revelations about NSA surveillance programs have created a “misimpression”

The NSA overreach poses a serious threat to our economy


Technology companies revolutionized the global economy by creating an interconnected, high-speed international marketplace. Internet and telecommunication companies empower businesses to conduct complex transactions and connect with customers, clients and governments across the globe, placing a premium on privacy, accountability and

NSA Spying Scandal Could Cost U.S. Cloud Computing Firms $35 Billion


Would you store your data with a company if you had reason to believe that by doing so, you were essentially giving a government a free pass to access that valuable information at any time? A lot of people and

REVIEW: A Practical Guide to Managing Information Security


by Steve Purser, 2004, (Artech House Technology Management Library) Artech House, Inc. Norwood, MA, USA ©2004 – ISBN:1580537022 ____________________________________________________________________ After years of reviewing security books there were a number of red warning flags in the preface: the perception that a