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Canadian Intelligence Tracks Money Used for Funding Terrorist Activities in Middle East


A financial intelligence agency in Canada claimed that it had been actively assisting spies and police officers keep a track of the money used for funding overseas terrorist activities. According to the agency, the money is used to finance Islamic

The U.S. Treasury Department Is Sharing Bank Data With Intelligence Agencies, But With Limits


Even though the U.S. Treasury Department allows intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA to access Americans’ banking information, there are a few limits. At the end of last week, the Treasury described how it does give some bulk

Treasury Discloses Limits on Bank-Data Sharing With Spy Agencies

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The U.S. Treasury Department said it sets limits while allowing the nation’s intelligence agencies to access reports that banks file on suspicious or large money moves by customers, including information about Americans. The Treasury, saying it was responding to a

Israel to swap money laundering intelligence

The Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority (IMPA) has signed letters of intent with financial intelligence units of the US, India, and Albania to collaborate on money laundering. The agreements were signed following a conference in Germany of