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Obama: Speech on perceived NSA abuses a turning point


It will be a critical moment in Barack Obama's presidency when he steps forward at the Department of Justice and reveals exactly how he intends to curb the perceived abuses by the US intelligence services. The revelations by Edward Snowden

Obama meets with his intelligence review panel


President Obama met for the first time on Tuesday with a panel he promised would review the U.S. intelligence community's collection of telephone and Internet data, according to the White House. Obama announced earlier this month that he would convene

White House Picks Panel to Review NSA Programs


A group of veteran security experts and former White House officials has been selected to conduct a full review of U.S. surveillance programs and other secret government efforts disclosed over recent months, ABC News has learned. The recent acting head

Richard Clarke: China has hacked every major US company


Richard Clarke, a former cybersecurity and cyberterrorism advisor for the White House, was a U.S. government employee for 30 years: between 1973 and 2003. He worked during the times of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and even George