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Western intelligence: Syria is ready to use chemical weapons


Extensive preparations by Syrian army units for launching chemical weapons against rebel forces have been sighted in the northern town of Homs, Western intelligence agencies told debkafile’s military sources Tuesday, March 19. Damascus paved the way for resorting to unconventional

Hackers steal and publish e-mails from U.N. nuclear agency


Hackers have made their way into one of the servers of the United Nation's International Atomic Energy Agency, according to Reuters. The agency confirmed that the hackers stole information and published it online. "The IAEA deeply regrets this publication of

Hackers could shut down train lines: expert

A S-Bahn city train is seen on a platform at the main railway station Hauptbahnhof in Berlin

BERLIN (Reuters) – Hackers who have shut down websites by overwhelming them with Web traffic could use the same approach to shut down the computers that control train switching systems, a security expert said at a hacking conference in Berlin.