The Apex of CIA Hypocrisy


Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, a proponent of drone strikes and indefinite detention, complains that he and his colleagues were “never given the chance to mount a defense” of torture.

Hayden was fielding questions about the Senate torture report during a BBC interview Wednesday when he voiced what may have been the least self-aware complaint in the history of the U.S. intelligence community.

Hayden avers that he and the CIA have been treated unfairly.

“Let’s get to the report itself, which reads far more like a prosecutorial screed than it does some reasoned document as to what went on there,” he told his interviewer. “I mean, this is a bill of attainder. This is accusations. You know the people at CIA were never interviewed, not me, not the other directors. No one actively involved in this program was ever interviewed by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff. It’s as if we were tried and convicted in absentia. We were not given an opportunity to mount a defense. And there was no discovery process by which alleged evidence could be revealed and challenged.”

Can you imagine? He feels as though he suffered the metaphorical equivalent of a conviction without a trial or evidence. He reputation is being “attacked” without due process.

Such is the outraged complaint of a man who said, after an American citizen’s horrifying literal drone killing without charges or trial, “I’m quite comfortable..

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