The day we fight back against NSA spying and big government’s big secret

NSA surveillance program revelations continue to surface

It’s Tuesday morning. A citizen wakes up, writes emails and makes a phone call. 

The person has a meeting soon, so he pulls up Google Maps to figure out a route. 

He then hops into a cab, checks Facebook on his phone, texts his friend and plays ‘Candy Crush’ on his iPhone. 

After the meeting he heads to the office, logs on to his computer and G-chats with a friend about where he plans to go for dinner that evening. 

Later that evening, after dinner, he uploads a photo from dinner on Instagram. Throughout the day, the government was with him every step of the way.

Until last year, most Americans were unaware that their every move could be tracked by Big Brother. 

Through the NSA, the government has the ability to read emails, texts, phone logs, track location and movements, snoop and collect information about individuals through smart phone apps, read g-chats and look at private photos. 

The failure to disclose any of this information until recently is why Americans fear for their privacy. And they should. Big Government kept a big secret.

How did we get here? Over the years, technology has rapidly evolved and given power-hungry, unelected bureaucrats the capability to sift through data and find out more information than ever. But just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. But the..

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