Veteran Luxembourg PM resigns in spy scandal


Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, Europe's longest-serving leader, tenders his resignation Thursday in a scandal involving the tiny nation's secret services, alleged to have indulged in misconduct on his watch.

"I am calling a cabinet meeting at 10 am local (0800 GMT) tomorrow and I will hand in the government's resignation," Juncker told the Luxembourg parliament on Wednesday evening after a highly emotional seven-hour debate.

Juncker said he would step down after his junior coalition partner, the Socialists, introduced a motion calling for the dissolution of parliament and early elections.

"There was no other choice than to hand in the government's resignation," said Juncker. "I note that a majority favours early elections."

He said he would likely run for a new political mandate but did not say whether he would try for a new term as head of government in elections that might be held in October.

Though aged only 58, Juncker has..

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