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IW is dedicated to tracking open source stories relating to the full-spectrum of intelligence, espionage, information warfare, and critical infrastructure protection.


We publish articles in the following content areas:

Intelligence cycle (Direction, Collection, Processing, Analysis, Dissemination and Feedback)

Intelligence collection management: HUMINT (Clandestine HUMINT – recruiting • operational techniques • Covert action • Direct action • Clandestine cell system)

SIGINT (SIGINT by alliances, nations and industries • SIGINT operational platforms by nation • SIGINT in modern history • Tempest • Direction finding • Traffic analysis)

MASINT – Measurement and Signature Intelligence (Electro-optical • Nuclear • Geophysical • Radar • Radiofrequency • Materials • Casualty estimation)

Espionage (Agent handling • Asset • Black operation • Black bag operation • Concealment device • Cryptography • Cut-out • Dead drop • Eavesdropping • False flag • Industrial espionage • Intelligence assessment • Interrogation • Numbers station • One-way voice link • Official cover • Non-official cover • Resident spy • Steganography Surveillance).

We are looking for writers who are interested in sharing their unique approach to intelligence and espionage. Particularly we are looking for an experienced journalist and partner to join us to work on a new project.

To apply, send your application and samples of your work and a link to your most active public social profile to


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